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Massage Therapy began in early 2005, with the vision of offering massage that addressed the whole person. After developing separate practices over a combined 22 years.Four hands massage have discovered to be the most beneficial elements of eastern/western bodywork and esoteric practice – integrating techniques and philosophies from Therapeutic massage, Ayurvedic massage,Thai Traditional massage, Shiatsu Japanness, Reflexology, Tantra From India, Reiki,Swedish Massage.

Two Therapist massage or tandem massage is a type of massage therapy which involves two masseurs working simultaneously, creating a choreographed massage. There are a number of different styles of four hand massage to choose from, with most spas explaining the options to their patrons so that they can select the style which works best for them. A general rule, four hand massage is more expensive than other forms of massage, since two masseuse must be compensated for their time and skill. Either one will work your upper body while the other works your lower body or they will mirror each other's movements on either side of you. For you this results in a more intense experience, greater relaxation and a pleasurable loss of control. You get every area of your body worked twice as much in the same period of time.

Beneficial the four massage have many ways, it recovers the water retention to the extremities, the accumulation of lactic acid is drained off, the cold feet and hands which get lower blood circulation are maintained. The numbness is also recovered which is due to the poor circulation of the blood to the extremities. Similarly the lymphatic fluid which carries the waste materials with it self also circulate in the body in proper way. Many people enjoy four hand massage because they find it extremely relaxing, and they enjoy the sensation of being pampered by two masseurs


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